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I Am In Heaven. The New York Islanders Win Game 1

Post Thumbnail: 1284109Holy. Fucking. Shit. What a game. Everyone always says “playoff hockey is the best” but it really doesn’t register until nights like tonight happen. The coliseum was an absolute jungle, with everyone living and dying through every second. After every goal I locked eyes with my parents who were sitting 3 sections over from me like we were soldiers on a battle field. When everything is on the line, there is no better place than the Nassau Coliseum. It was pure chaos.

This is who I turned into tonight. It’s a bit horrifying.

The Penguins are an incredible hockey team, everyone knows that. There is no scenario in which this will be an easy series. Every time we thought we had it in the bag, the pens came back and shut us up. But this New York Islanders team doesn’t give up. When you think you have them dead, they rise from the ashes.

Mathew Barzal. Barzy was 8 years old the year Sidney Crosby was drafted and now he’s out there making incredible game winning plays in the playoffs against him. To be able to slow down the fastest sport in the world like that is just absurd.

This team is something special and I can’t wait to see where this ride takes us.

To the beer vendor, I am sorry you were caught in the cross fires. I love you.