Hard Hitting Journalist Digs Up "Controversial Tweets" By Jordan Binnington The Night Before His First Playoff Game

I woke up this morning very excited… no not like that. Playoff hockey is my favorite thing in sports and it all starts tonight. Not only that, but my St. Louis Blues face off against the Winnipeg Jets for what should be an absolute BATTLE. The Blues are arguably the hottest team in the NHL and the Jets are one of the biggest and fastest teams in the league, its going to be unreal. I go on my phone and see this…

St. Louis Blues rookie goaltender Jordan Binnington is going to be under a microscope during these Stanley Cup playoffs — and now it won’t be just for his on-ice play.

Three old tweets from his verified account were dug up and shared online Tuesday night by Paul Gackle, a California-based sports reporter who primarily covers the San Jose Sharks.

The “CONTROVERSIAL” tweets in question that were dug up by hard hitting journalist “Paul Gackle” (Who supposedly reports about San Jose? Kind of strange he’s doing deep dives on the Blues rookie goaltender’s tweets from 5 years ago)

(This is what we like to called getting “Ratioed”)
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Shoutout to this guy for getting his moment in the spotlight due to his innovative journalism and is proudly solving the racism and xenophobia problem. We all as a society could throw him a thank you.

And now the hoopla has reached the point where Jordan Binnington made a statement on the story hours before tonight’s game.

And it… made a lot of sense.

Blues fans naturally pulled up some Jets players tweets from a few years ago that I have a feeling won’t be written about in the Winnipeg Free Press or end up requiring a statement.

Sadly none of this is surprising in 2019. People care more about digging up tweets from 6 years ago and analyzing random dumbass thoughts from 19 year olds trying to be funny than they do the game!

Call me crazy but I am solely interested in hockey and don’t give a shit about what people said 7 years ago. I care about Ryan O’Reilly sliding pucks back door to Tarasenko and trying to keep Dustin Byfuglien from putting people into the third row, not what people tweeted in juniors. I would think people see stories like these and don’t give a flying shit anymore. More and more they’re being met with groans from both sides and then weaponized by like 3% of the opposing fanbase. Its the lowest bar of journalism but it still moves the needle and spurns action, so I guess it will continue as long as someone can be outraged.

At this point, what athlete on EARTH still has a Twitter account? If for some ridiculous reason you feel the need to, why not just start a new one and lock the one you used as a teenager that is INEVITABLY going to have some dumbass shit on it? How many times is this lame ass cycle going to happen before teams REQUIRE it of their players?

I’ve never felt more confident about a Blues team than I did when I saw this going on this morning. I hope Binnington shoves it up the Winnipeg Free Press’s ass and forces them to write about their litter problem for the rest of the summer.