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Tale Of Two Halves, Part II

Well so much for that chess match, huh? That wasn’t even checkers. It was like Chinese Checkers or some other sort of stupid game. Literally absolutely nothing changed. Primarily the second half. Game 1 the Celtics score 25 points. 8 points in the 4th quarter. Arguably the worst half of playoff basketball in NBA history. Game 2, they score twenty three. Outscored them 32 to 11 in the 3rd. Only 12 points in the 4th. Thats insane. The last time I saw the Knicks go on a run like they they were playing the fucking Kings on a midseason throwaway game. This was the Boston Celtics, in the playoffs, at the Garden. New York embarrassing them in the same exact fashion we did 4 days earlier.

I guess it just goes to show that sometimes its not worth over thinking things. The whole world predicting the Celtics would give the Knicks trouble. Doc the championship coach. Multiple Hall of Famers with playoff experience. They’ll make the necessary adjustments and blah blah blah. Bottom line is they are old, decrepit and washed up. The window is closed on Boston. It’s been closed the minute Rondo went down. They can’t finish games, they can’t finish their season. Because Its a bunch of old guys limping to the finish line against a lineup high octane offense and a couple of angry defensive monsters. I half expected Boston to just waive the white flag after Kenyon Martin’s 4th block last night. Would have probably been less embarrassing than whatever they put out there in the 2nd half last night.