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Katy Perry's Vacation Consists Of Standing On A Boat In A Bikini And I'm All In







First of all, I love Katy Perry. Not just love her like I think she’s hot, I love her music too. If you can’t admit that she is a Hit Machine then you’re clearly insecure about your life. Every song she makes is a fucking jam. And the only thing I love more than Katy Perry is rich people vacations. Have you ever noticed that rich people just get the biggest baddest yacht in the world and then lounge on it for weeks at a time? I can’t think of a better vacation than that. Never in my entire life will I get to vacation in this manner. Booze, Sun, Babes, Boats, probably a ton of blow and some jet ski’s. That’s how you vacation. So fucking jealous.


Also I think on these type of boats you’re just expected to be having sex like all the time. Comes with the Yacht. You stuff them full of smokes and you just bang all day with a few breaks to sip a Mai Tai and stand in the sun.



Guy in the red speedo, settle down bro. We get it, you lift, no one likes a show off.