Billy Hamilton Scored From SECOND BASE On A Sac Fly Tonight

Everyone knows Billy Hamilton is fast but he literally just covered 60 yards in about 6 seconds flat. And just a friendly reminder this is the godamn major leagues aka the best players in the world. If there’s one place you shouldn’t be able to tag up from second and score it’s The Big Leagues. Instead Hamilton makes it look like your Thursday night work co-ed league that you joined because you’re lonely and want to bang that girl in the marketing department this summer. The good news is she’ll be super impressed by all the hustle doubles you plan on logging this June which brings me to my next point.

What’s the worst sport to play against a Try Hard? Basketball sucks because you hate having a guy out there setting full bodied screens and diving for loose balls. Flag football blows when you have the former Big Ten wrestler turned software salesman that’s taking out his aggression on the defensive line (full contact rules in Chicago btw not sure if that’s unique). Hockey is basically a hot bed for Try Hards reliving 14-year old glory more than any other sport. And then with softball you have guys that think they’re hot shit because they slide and take the extra base and all that shit.

Personally I think they can all go to hell.

Billy Hamilton is fast as fuck.