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The New Jersey Devils Have Won The NHL Draft Lottery And Taylor Hall Is A God Damn Psychic And Called It Once Again

The New Jersey Devils have won the draft lottery for the second time in the past three seasons and ironically enough, former 1st overall pick Taylor Hall has called it each time. He first did it in 2017 when the Devils won the lottery and drafted Nico Hischier with the 1st overall pick.

And has done it once again in 2019, with the Devils winning the draft lottery tonight and now they have opportunity to draft Jack Hughes (who Taylor Hall skates with in the summer). Want to win the NHL draft lottery? Put Taylor Hall on your team. 5 first overall picks in 9 years in the league.

HUGE win for New Jersey who was a playoff team just last season but was plagued by injury all season. They also need to resign their best player, Taylor Hall, so the addition of ANOTHER top overall pick has to help his chances of staying.