Aaron Rodgers Reveals He Played Through a Broken Leg Last Year, But Remember He's a Selfish Guy Who Only Cares About Himself

So as Liz blogged yesterday and will continue to blog, Aaron Rodgers sat down for his first interview in months with Wilde and Taush to rip the garbage Bleacher Report article that was written from the minds of Greg Jennings, Jermichael Finley, and tons of  “anonymous sources” who likely only exist in the author’s mind, as he tries to make a name for himself.

The interview is being released in three parts it seems, with 27 minutes yesterday which Liz covered, 30 minutes today, and 30 minutes tomorrow. I don’t know why they’re doing it this way and not in its entirety, but that’s their prerogative. Today Rodgers is talking about his injury and casually dropped that he played with a tibial plateau fracture. For anyone who isn’t a doctor out there, that is a break of the upper part of the tibia(shinbone) that involves the knee joint. According to the Google machine, you shouldn’t be able to put weight on that for three months.

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I’m no expert, but guys who lack team leadership and only care about themselves don’t play through that sort of injury. Just doesn’t happen. They sit out the whole season and look out for themselves. Somehow Rodgers still managed a 25:2 touchdown to interception ratio, without missing a single game. The team didn’t perform behind him and obviously it was a lost season in McCarthy’s final year, but that is ridiculous that he didn’t miss a game with an MCL sprain and a broken leg. RIDICULOUS. The man got PAID in the offseason and didn’t think twice about playing. He came out of that tunnel in the second half against Chicago in Week 1 and cock-slapped the Bears. He opted for a series of shots in his leg throughout the year instead of surgery. Greg Jennings? All he did was play through a broken leg in Madden. Coward.

Oh and just for shits and gigs, JJ Watt had the same leg fracture in 2017. You know how he recovered? By not walking for eight weeks. He missed the entire season. That’s JJ Watt, one of the toughest guys in the NFL. Source

You can say Aaron Rodgers is hard to play for in the sense he asks a lot out of his guys. Maybe he’s a bit of an asshole. Good. That’s fine, anyone that good should be that way if they want to be great. But don’t you dare say he’s not a team player or a leader. That’s exactly what he is.

Most importantly fuck Bleacher Report, fuck Jermichael Finley and especially fuck Greg Jennings. If you didn’t talk shit about Rodgers you’d be begging to play in the CFL or the AAF (RIP) to make money. Aaron Rodgers made you and is still your number one source of income.

I look forward to 12 playing his ass off in 2019 and doing that thing where he sets the world on fire. He’s pretty good at that.