People Are Super PISSED Online About Zion Williamson In One Shining Moment

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I can’t stop laughing at this. The OUTRAGE. The fact that people actually counted how much Zion was in One Shining Moment vs Virginia. Of course he was shown a shit ton. He’s free content. Literally free because he’s in college (haven’t heard this joke yet). But also because he’s Zion. He was dominant. He was all over headlines.

I wish CBS trolled everyone and tweeted this video out just to see even more outrage

And I get it. Twitter isn’t the best place for rational thoughts. It’s what makes it so great. I mean just read a KB blog one time and look at the craziness of it all. That’s what I’m starting to think about with this.

This is the only outrage you should have about One Shining Moment:

Speaking of One Shining Moment it’s my favorite thing. It’s the best way to end the championship. You can have your hockey handshakes, give me the song, give me the video, give me the chills. It’s a legit great song too. Had it as my mother/son dance song at my wedding. Love that it starts every year with the cheerleaders and then ends with the Nantz call. Just beautiful every single time. It’s impossible to be mad at One Shining Moment.