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I Bet You'll Shed A Tear Watching This Dwyane Wade/Fan Jersey Swap Tribute Video

Phew, perhaps it’s just me being older and softer but I was not thinking this video would bring a tear or two to my eyes. I was expecting something pretty basic with the jersey swap idea. I mean that’s been what Wade has been doing all year. The jersey swap is a weird thing if we’re being honest. Sure, I’m rambling here for a second, but when did that start? Why not wait until you get a clean jersey and swap? But now you’re bringing out fans that Wade has helped along the way plus his mom? Yep. Tears. Granted I’m a bit of a crier, this one got ‘right in my feels’ as what people would say (I think that’s still what people say). Just an awesome video.

Shout out D Wade though. One of the best shooting guards to ever play.