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You Can't Be Bigger Losers Than Virginia Refusing To Cancel Classes Because Of 'Commitment To Excellence In Academics'

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I mean what in the living shit is this? Save me the better academic university than Texas Tech. Save me all that. We’re talking about playing in the goddamn NCAA title game. You’re Virginia! You’re one of the best programs in college basketball over the last 5 years. You’re a year removed from losing to a No. 16 seed.

This reasoning for not cancelling class? Fuck that. Whoever shows up for class is a certified dumb person that I care not to be associated with. And if you’re a professor and demand that people show up you should be fired.

Meanwhile Tech is ready to burn Lubbock to the ground. Class is canceled, roads are being shut down. Give me that. I like Virginia. I really do. The fans that I’ve been lucky enough to meet are passionate and they had a great showing. I just don’t want to hear about ‘commitment to excellence in academics.’ You’re in college. Enjoy it one time for me.