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Bull OBLITERATES A Guy On A Motorcycle And Sends Him Into A Coma For A Week (Actually)


Low key super mean to play that chill Bob Marley music behind a video of a guy getting CRUSHED by a bull going no less than 35 miles per hour. I’ve never felt better about not being a motorcycle guy than I do right now. You know what would’ve happened if the guy was driving a sedan instead of a motorcycle? The bull would be the one in the coma instead of him. You’re too exposed when you’re driving a motorcycle and, if there’s a wild bull around, you might get your shit pushed in like the guy in the video. That’s the risk you run when you try to look cool on a motorcycle.

Don’t worry though, he lived (somehow)

And you thought traffic was dangerous. A security camera captured the moment that a rider in Bhubaneswar, India, was struck by a charging bull. In the video, the man is seen making a left turn around a tree as two of the animals come running along at full steam and one leaps directly into him. The man is thrown to the ground and appears to be lifeless, but was only knocked out by the impact. Residents of a nearby home then come to his aid and the man was brought to a hospital, where he laid unconscious for a week. He has since awoken and is expected to recover, SWNS reports

Quick week in a coma and he’s back in action.