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PreachersNSneakers, An Instagram Account That Tracks The Cost Of Pastors' Shoes, Is Amazing

I dont wanna exaggerate but that’s my favorite Instagram account of all time. As many of you know, I used to be on the road to becoming a pastor. Before I joined the Marine Corps, I was a lowly seminarian wearing nothing but rainbow sandals and the occasional Converse flats whilst on a quest to proselytize central North Carolina and the greater parts of northern Florida and southern Alabama.

I wouldnt have dreamed about donning some fancy boy sneakers at that time. In fact, I wouldnt have dreamed at all because dreaming is a sin especially when that dream is wet as was often the case. Now? With my public speaking skills drastically improved and having more than 1500 hours behind a microphone during my employment with Barstool, I believe that I could be the television preacher of our generation.

If I ever get fired for blogging a picture that looks just a little too much like an actual labia (the entire pussy), I will repent of my wicked ways and preach my dick off at the biggest churches around. I wont be doing that in sandals this go-around, though. Partly because I have ingrown toenails like you wouldn’t believe and partly because I also follow @kicksintheoffice so I know a little something about #ShoeCulture now. Either way, it’s StuntinSZNForTheLord and I’m gonna take part just like these fellas on PreachersNSneakers. Came through drippin. Drip drip. Diamonds in the pulpit drippin.

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