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I Need Bert Kreischer At Every Hockey Game For The Rest Of Time

I don’t want, I NEED Bert Kreischer at every hockey game for the rest of time. Does it get more electric than this guy? Drew Doughty loves it too. Imagine being about to take a faceoff and you look over to see a famous comedian with his shirt off screaming “Tarps off for the boys! I got your back”. You can’t not laugh.

For those of you who don’t know Kreischer, the guy partied so hard in college that Rolling Stone did a piece on him because he was the “number one partier and the number one party school” and then basically had a movie made after him. It was Van Wilder…..ever heard of it?

Buddy loves to get fucked up and he loves hockey. Lets get him a lifetime deal with the NHL, season tickets for life. The NHL needs more Bert Kreischer.