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Bret Hart Just Got Attacked In The Middle Of His WWE Hall Of Fame Speech - Complete And Utter Chaos In The Ring

Holy fuck. My heart legit skipped a beat watching this live, not knowing what had just happened to Bret in the ring, but luckily he’s completely fine – and actually, finishing his speech as I’m writing this. Terrifying shit, regardless though. Dude coulda had a weapon on him easily. Thank god he didn’t.

Fuck the psychopath who fucking DARED try this to The Hitman. Disgraceful. Looked like the cunt got beat up pretty bad on his way out, too, which isn’t shocking. Dude ran into the ring and attacked one of the most beloved wrestlers of all time in front of almost every living notable wrestlers on the planet. What’d he expect?

UPDATE: Dash Wilder CRACKED this dude!!!

UPDATE 2: Travis Browne fucked this guy’s shit up.