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Michael Avenatti Is #BACK And This Time He's Claiming He Has Proof Duke Paid Zion

Oh, we finally got it. A couple of weeks after Avenatti claimed he was going to expose Nike (and then got arrested for allegedly extorting Nike) we got the one that everyone was waiting for. I mean I’ll give Avenatti credit. You have to have balls to go after K. It’s one thing to say Arizona paid Deandre Ayton but the moment you challenge Duke and K you know you’re in for a battle.

But, here’s the thing. Who gives a shit? I can’t stress this enough. Whatever Duke (allegedly) paid Zion, it wasn’t enough. The dude was downright dominant and look how Duke played with and without him. So, yeah, he’s worth every penny and probably more.

I do think it’s hilarious that Avenatti keeps popping up. He made his Twitter protected right after he was arrested and then opened it back up. Now he’s obviously throwing out all these claims with no proof yet but this is the one that will draw eyes.

Clearly it’s Duke’s year.