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Virginia's Kyle Guy Said The NCAA Won't Let Him Put His Wedding Registry On The Internet

Well thank God the NCAA put this to bed. I mean how dare Kyle Guy and his fiancee put out their wedding registry. I mean think of all the illegal benefits that could be received thanks to a knife set or some bed sheets. It’s simply not fair for all the other college basketball players (outside of BYU) to get married in college. That’s what I’m learning here.

I love Kyle Guy’s response here. I mean you can tell he wants to go off a bit. You can tell he acknowledges how ridiculous it all is. But, what can he say here? Everyone knows he’s a bit pissed off or thinks it’s stupid at least.

I mean think about Guy here for a second too. Getting married is a nervous experience. Your fiancee is panicking with all the details. Both moms are working to try to help. There’s a bunch of things that can go wrong that you have no idea about. All his job is was likely to help put together the registry. Just help out a bit. You walk around a store and pick some things out. You get excited about 3 or 4 things that you really want.

Look at this adorable Virginia couple. Just let them put their silverware and dish wants out on a registry, NCAA!

UPDATE: After I saved this blog, Mark Emmert came out and said this story is inaccurate and the NCAA never said that:

Looks like we’re in for a good old fashioned rule off.