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Your Mid-Week Eagles Fix With All The Birds Material You Can Eat

West Coast Week. Let’s hit it!
If someone took out his QB again, Jason Peters would have the exact same reaction.
The Eagles are still #1 in the NFL in scoring and total offense and Cody Parkey is leading the league in points.
Kendricks is STILL out, and I’m officially getting scared. 1st round pick Marcus Smith is apparently alive and taking snaps at ILB.
McNabb did a Reddit AMA that dances around questions better than Goodell at a battered women’s shelter, but he does talk about the coke nail on his pinky. Interesting.

Cary Williams apologizes for being a super dick.
Pretty neat, new Panorama feature where you can find high resolution pics of anyone at the Birds game. Patrizio Solatano wishes he could rock the Eagles polo as well as Pops.



Doesn’t have to be Dallas week to make a message. #DALLASSUCKS


Close it out when the eventual 1994 Philadelphia Eagles outright SPANKED the eventual SB Champs in Candlestick. Hellooooo Charlie Garner.