Donald Trump Just Tweeted Out The WEIRDEST Joe Biden Video Ever

Well that’s a big ol cup full of weird. At no point on this Thursday did I think the POTUS was going to tweet a super weird video of Joe Biden feeling up Joe Biden but that’s life on Twitter in 2019. I should really know better by now. My head should pop off the pillow every single morning and I should expect to see the craziest shit ever. Donald Trump tweeting that despite literally everybody knowing about the pussy grabbing tape is some wild shit but that’s what this mother fucker does. He just charges forward, airs people out and puts everybody down in the mud with him. It’s clearly been an effective strategy.

When I first saw that Trump tweet pop up on my timeline I thought our guy Quigs was behind it. That’s something his brain would come up with. I would really like to see what they labeled that file as before they sent it off to the intern who tweets for Trump. It had to be something like Biden On Biden. Just another day on the internet and another day of Donald J. Trump churning out content.

PS- We’d love to have Donald Trump vs Joe Biden at an RNR. Just putting it out there.