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Zac Efron's ACL Sure Looks Pretty Good While He's Working Out With Nina Dobrev

Zac Efron, a true king, and myself have a lot in common. Mostly the fact that we are both currently living and we are both currently rehabbing from ACL surgeries. I had a few months of a head start on Zac since he ended up tearing his in February.

But here we are, just under 2 months post-opt for Zac and he’s out there absolutely crushing it in the gym. I mean that knee is looking rock solid. That gait is as smooth as could be. No noticeable limp or anything like that. And when he was doing those band exercises? Buddy,,,,,that looks like he was at least a full 18 months post-op. Couldn’t be prouder of my guy Zac. I don’t think he’d be ready to be cleared for contact or anything like that yet. But for 2 months post-op? It would be pretty difficult for anybody to look better than that. And oh yeah, Nina Dobrev looked pretty good here as well.

Just two ridiculously gorgeous human beings doing some butt stuff together. What’s there to not love about that? The answer is nothing.

Still waiting for my invite to workout with Zac. I realize that I’m not Nina Dobrev or anything like that. I don’t think anybody out there would consider me to be an absolute rocket, at least not by the traditional beauty standards. But if he’s looking to get some tips from a blogger who was able to return to playing beer league sports just 7 months after surgery, I’m your guy. And I don’t even charge.