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Gregg Popovich Is A Legend For Getting Tossed 63 Seconds Into Tonight's Game

Goddamn do I love me some Gregg Popovich. Especially when he’s feeling feisty and finds himself kicked out just over one minute into a game. That’s the Grade A Angry Old Man Pop right there. What do you do when your team falls into a quick 5-0 hole? You get yourself tossed to light a fire under their asses. We know the Spurs are famous for their load management, well who says coaches can’t get that same treatment? I honestly think this tight playoff race is starting to get to Pop, this was now his 2nd ejection in his last three games and seeing as how he’s the best coach on the planet he is sort of important. To be honest he didn’t even go that crazy so I’m surprised he got tossed, normally when Pop goes this route he earns his early shower.

I think if I were a ref I would be terrified to mess with Pop and throw him out. He’s just such a terrifying human I wouldn’t want that smoke. And that’s when he’s being nice, imagine having to deal with a pissed off Pop? No thank you. You have to respect his desire to have absolutely nothing to do with this game thought and take matters into his own hands. He’s probably back in the locker room right now having a nice glass of wine and a nice laugh while he enjoys some of Denver’s finest.