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A Person Holding A Texas Tech Future Bet To Win $300,000 Is Now Selling It For $60,000 .. What Would You Do?

So I saw this starting to circulate last night and it’s an interesting debate. You’re sitting on this awesome future bet. A $1,500 bet to win $300,000 if Texas Tech wins the national title. Obviously they are in the Final Four so now it’s time to really start sweating.

He put it up for sale/swap for $60,000. So you’re still walking away with a good chunk of money and if the person who buys it wins, they’re still pocketing. But, think about the emotions of this bet. You’ve sweated out the inconsistent offense to start the season. Probably wrote this ticket off honestly.

Then Tech got hot. Then they kept winning. They escape against Gonzaga. Now you’re in a tough spot. As it’s laid out you really can’t hedge a whole ton because Tech is the underdog to Michigan State and will be to Virginia for sure.

Now what would I do? Sure the $60,000 would be nice. But you gotta roll the dice here. Hedge a bit. You’re not going to make $60k obviously doing that. But you can still walk away with $10,000. I’d want the thrill of sweating out a Tech game again for damn near $300,000 after the hedges. Trust Jarrett Culver. Trust Chris Beard. Watch this celebration on loop:

So my question to you is what would you do? Keep the ticket or sell it for $60,000?