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Billy Ray Cyrus And Lil Nas X Are Dropping A Remix To 'Old Town Road'


Old Town Road Remix featuring Billy Ray Cyrus?! Feed it to me. As a matter of fact, spoon feed it to me. Throw it in a dog bowl and I’ll get on all fours and lick that shit clean. I LOVE that a real legendary country artist is showing some love to Lil Nas X. Apparently he dropped some heat on the remix too.

I wrote a blog last week about how Lil Nas X song “Old Town Road” was at the top of the Country Billboard charts and then ripped off by the people of Billboard for “not being country enough”. It caught the notice of Billy Ray Cyrus and he is all in on Team Lil Nas X.

Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X. Just a couple of musically rebellious outlaws getting booted off the country charts like some true American bad boys. Shoutout to Billy Ray Cyrus having his ears to the streets and showing love to Lil Nas X. Good music comes in all forms. Music may be categorized in all kinds of genres, but when a mass of people love a certain song it’s undeniable no matter what it comes off as.