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Nate Silver Is Very Upset That He Wasn't Harassed At A Playoff Hockey Game

Absolutely preposterous take from Nate Silver here. I thought Nate Silver was supposed to be level headed and all of that but apparently he’s just an internet hot take machine. Because judging the home fan base based on how poorly they treat away fans is the most insane take I’ve ever seen. Philly gets dragged nonstop for being dickheads to opposing fans and they hate that it’s their reputation. But now according to Nate Silver, you’re a bad fan if you don’t harass opposing fans? I mean I guess I love it. When the Caps see the Rangers in the playoffs this year I’ll be sure to find Nate Silver and yell at him…oh wait. Well that’s not possible. Rain check. But still, you get my point. He is legit upset people…treated him with respect at a game. He is triggered Caps fans cheered for their own team and let him do his own thing and didn’t worry about him. It’s such an asinine way of thinking.

But now we know. Harass Nate Silver at games. That’s what he wants and we owe it to him to abide.

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