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Clinton Yates Finding Out Ernie Was Fired Is Sports Fan Euphoria At The Highest Level

Look, it’s rarely good when someone loses their livelihood. I get that. We all get that. But in sports it always feels different. When someone underachieves at their job for as long and as hard as Ernie Grunfeld did, he deserves to be relieved of his duties. And he deserved to be relieved of them a decade ago. So yesterday felt so, so good for Wizards fans. A 15 year reign of horror was done at last. Years of mismanaging the roster, the salary cap, the draft, player evaluation, everything. It felt like a rebirth of a franchise, and Clinton Yates was so over the moon about it he called his dad just to celebrate. That’s how people react when they find out they’re having a baby or their team wins a championship…and that’s how Wizards fans react when they find out Ernie was fired. THAT is how detested he was in DC. Bruce Allen levels of hate. HE ran the team into the ground and now at long last we can learn to love and trust again.