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Trying To Escape The Police By Stealing An Ambulance Then Crashing Into A Bunch Of Cars Is Such A Rookie Move

I know it’s tough for a cream cheese soft blogger like myself to criticize someone that is being chased by the cops and has the balls to try to steal a fucking ambulance. I guess that goes for basically anything any of us idiots here at Barstool criticize. But nonetheless, this guy has to be the worst carjacker ever.

Anybody that has ever played ANY of the Grand Theft Auto games knows that the ambulance is the worst vehicle to use when you are trying to escape the cops. It’s huge, it’s clunky, and can tip over on even the slightest turn. Sure you can turn on the sirens and get a to a pretty decent cruising speed on a straightaway. But stealing it usually gives you at least one more Wanted star because ambulances are kinda important in our society and they are a magnet for other cars that instantly turns your driving ability into that of Latarian Milton.

If you want to go out and do hoodrat things with your friends by playing bumper cars with a bunch of parked vehicles or do the Mark Sanchez flying jet celly, that’s fine. Just don’t do it when you have an entire police department coming for your ass.

And that was today’s episode of Criminal Minds With Clem