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The Bad News About Trea Turner Is The Real Downer Of The Night

I mean…come on. Like, come freaking on man. That Nats and bad luck go together like lamb and tuna fish. It’s just insane at this point. Trea was poised to have an unreal year. 30 HRs, 50 SB. And then he squares around to bunt and breaks his finger on April 2nd. It’s devastating, man. That just sucks. I mean Bryce going HAM tonight was one thing, but to lose Trea for an unforeseen amount of time, that’s the real blower. He was such a key part of the lineup, such an important piece of the assembly line. Big time loss. As far as “worst 4th game of the seasons” go, this one has to be up on the Mount Rushmore. Jeepers.