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Russian Kid Who Got Electrocuted Now Has Crazy Magnetic Powers (He Can Stick Spoons On His Tits)



Such a G



(Source) A schoolboy almost killed by an electric shock from a street lamp now claims he has ‘magnetic superpowers’ like Magneto from X-Men. Nikolai Kryaglyachenko, 12, had been walking home after school when he lent briefly against the lamppost that was live from a faulty wire, and was blasted across the pavement. He says that since the accident he has been able to attract metal objects like coins and spoons towards his body, just like the famous Marvel villain.

Nikolai said: ‘When I came round I felt groggy but managed to get home and told my mum what had happened. When I woke up the next day and got out of bed I found some coins that had been lying on the mattress had stuck to my body. Then when I was having breakfast and dropped my spoon, it stuck to my chest.’ He said he was a keen fan of comics and, believing that maybe he had developed some sort of super magnetic power to attract metal like Magneto, had decided to put it to the test.

He said: ‘I can do things I couldn’t do before but I don’t have a lot of control over it. Even when I do not want to do it, I still attract things.’ Nikolai says he has now decided to become a superhero rather than a fireman when he is older, as he wants to do something that helps people (clearly fireman wasn’t helping people enough). He has also found himself one of the most popular boys at school with many of his classmates asking him to demonstrate his superpowers.




God I love this little fat kid so much. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade. Almost die from an electric shock next thing you know you’re Magneto from X-Men attracting spoons to your little titties, showing off your skills in the playground, making everyone horny because you can stick a coin to your back. Just look at him schooling all these idiots in magnets. Laughing at all of us regular people that can’t stick a spoon on our nose.






That right there is the face of a kid who knows he’s made it. Suspenders, magnets, and bitches. That’s what Nikolai Kryaglyachenko does.






He’s definitely going to die soon because his body is magnetized and he lives in Russia where they don’t have modern medicine right? Not trying to be the turd in the punch bowl but this has 13 year old magnet boy heart attack written all over it. Feel like we’re sort of glossing over that fact because the topless suspenders trick is so awesome.