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Woman Spins For $1 On The Price Is Right's Big Wheel While Shouting Out Her Husband In The Audience And Her 83 Year Old Boyfriend At Home Named Big D

Have yourself a day Jennifer, since you already have a hell of a life. Most people hope to reach their twilight years with love, happiness, and a little bit of cash. But by the end of that video, our girl Jen had made it abundantly clear she had hit the jackpot on all three.

As countless Olds will tell you, sharing a connection with someone and riding the ups and downs with them is a journey most wouldn’t trade for the world, with the love of a grandchild being the ultimate prize. As you can see in Dave Portnoy’s glow up over the last few years, money can make many parts of your life significantly better and being able to accumulate more of it by guessing the prices of random objects better than someone else is about as easy a way to get it as there is. Spinning for $1.00 ensures a fresh C-Note in your bank account as well as a chance to really load up on some real nice prizes in the Showcase Showdown.

But then there is happiness. Does love bring happiness? Many married people would say not particularly. And a billion movies have told us that money doesn’t buy happiness. But having an 83-year-old boyfriend at home named Big D sitting around like a grandpa version of The Gimp, waiting to share his gift with you as long as his hip holds up while your husband is apparently okay with it? If this is not the face of true happiness my friends, I don’t want to know what is.

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So once again, have yourself a day, Jennifer. Have yourself a day.