Mike Gundy's Blonde Mullet Is Real And It's Spectacular

Last night, I saw the tweet above and was a bit confused. Could it be possible? Could Gundy have done it? Or was it just another one of those April Fools jokes you wished were true.



Every indication points to the new blonde mullet being real and spectacular:

Speaking of that Seinfeld clip, I’ve always thought the actress in that episode is one of the most underrated smokeshows in TV history. To be honest, she may be famous and I may not know it because I am 22 and don’t know my history well enough. A great blog would be ranking all the girls that Jerry dates in Seinfeld. I may have to do that one day.

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 9.40.32 AM

Can’t wait to watch that blonde mullet flow in the wind: