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CHA-CHING! Indians Score 4 in the Bottom of the 8th and My Dad is Now 18-0 at Tribe Games

CHA-CHING! Thanks, Dad. Rent is on you this month. Just like the old days! And thank you, Mike Clevinger! You were a big part of this one, too.

D3GalHvXcAEPV6C.jpg large

What an outing by Sunshine. Absolutely dominant from start to finish. He left the game with a 1-0 lead after 7…..and then all hell broke loose. An error to start the inning gave me a weird feeling. Then they singled in a run to tie it up. And then boom, the Sox blast a 2-run home run to take a 3-1 lead in the 8th. And the people were out with their pitchforks….

Boys, boys, boys. Do you think a 3-1 deficit in the bottom of the 8th scares the guy who came into the game 17-0……? I think not. Apparently he was just thirsty!


Once the guy got settled back in with a final Bud Latte, he produced a 4-run bottom of the 8th to take the lead for good.

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 7.23.52 PM

Easy. Money. Never a doubt. And here’s a video for everyone that jumped off the ship when the Tribe went down with 6 outs still to go!

Apologies accepted. And yes, I will let you know when he goes for 19 in a row.