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Ebola Nurse Wants Everyone To Stop Calling Her Ebola Nurse, Clearly Doesn't Understand How Nicknames Work



Kaci Hickox has a message for politicians: “Please stop calling me ‘the Ebola Nurse.’” The 33-year-old nurse from Maine called out Gov. Chris Christie and civic leaders in an op-ed she wrote in The Guardian. “I never had Ebola. I never had symptoms of Ebola,” Hickox writes. “I tested negative for Ebola the first night I stayed in New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s private prison in Newark.” Hickox, of course, is referring to the tent inside University Hospital in Newark she was kept in upon returning from Sierra Leone, where she was volunteering with Doctors Without Borders.

Her defiance of quarantine policies in New Jersey and later when she arrived home in Maine led to a tide of media coverage. Hickox claims Christie and Maine Gov. Paul LePage used her in a sense to further their own agendas. “Christie and my governor in Maine, Paul LePage, decided to disregard medical science and the constitution in hopes of advancing their careers,” she said. “They bet that, by multiplying the existing fear and misinformation about Ebola … they could ultimately manipulate everyone and proclaim themselves the protectors of the people. “Politicans who tell lies such as ‘she is obviously ill’ and mistreat citizens by telling them to ‘sit down and shut up’ will hopefully never make it to the White House.” Hickox also explained in her op-ed the need for volunteers to help those suffering from Ebola in West Africa, and that those volunteers returning to the United States should be welcomed with open arms.



Hey Kaci, you clearly don’t understand how nicknames work do you? You don’t get to decide when people stop calling you something, that isn’t up to you, you get a nickname and that’s it, that’s your name. I once played basketball with a guy nicknamed Dallas. He had never been to Texas, wasn’t a Cowboys fan, and had no affiliation whatsoever to the city of Dallas. It’s just his friends wanted a Dallas in their crew and decided he was Dallas and then it stuck for life. Nothing he could do about it because he understood that that’s how nicknames work. Just like you’re ebola nurse forever and always. Who cares if you actually had ebola, that point is completely irrelevant. You think anyone knows what your actual name is? Get the fuck out of here. Took one look at your picture in this blog and was like, oh yeah, that’s that ebola nurse. See how that works? Fucking ebola nurse, just proving once and for all that girls don’t understand how nicknames work. What an idiot.


Jim Halpert: I ate a tuna sandwich on my first day, so Andy started calling me Big Tuna. I don’t think any of them actually know my real name.