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Christian Yelich Is Doing That Thing Again Where He's The Best Player In The National League With His Third Homer In Three Games

St Louis Cardinals  v Milwaukee Brewers

Aliens don’t exist. Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Christian Yelich’s 2018 season was a fluke. All idiotic statements.

Yeah, I’m sure Paul Goldschmidt thinks that’s cute after hitting three home runs in one game in his second game in a Cardinals uniform, but make no mistake about it — Christian Yelich is the real deal. From start to finish, Yelich was a monster — obviously, if he won the MVP award — but he really turned on the jets back on June 24 of last year. From that point forward, including the three games this season, Yelich is hitting .361 with 24 doubles, 30 homers and an 1.175 OPS in just 86 games. That puts him on a 56-homer pace over 162 games, so yeah. I’d say he’s a force to be reckoned with from this point forward. Get used to it.