Big teams win big games in big moments. Yes, this was only the second game of the season. But it was against a pretty damn good team, on the road, under the lights. AND the Birds played no where near to their greatest ability. The Eagles just officially stamped their cards as official contenders tonight.

Andrew Luck has never lost back to back games. 10-0 in his young career. He also is 13-3 at home, beating both Super Bowl teams there last year during the regular season. No team in NFL history has started 2-0 after being down by 14+ points in the 2nd half of both of their first two games. DARREN FUCKING SPROLES. We’ll have more tomorrow, but fuck was this a great win.

PS – Ray Didinger just said this win was “Impressive as hell.” When you impress Ray Diddy, you know you did something special.