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Apparently Eddie Jackson Isn't Too Thrilled With The Jordan Howard Trade

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And it’s not just Eddie Jackson who isn’t, but a lot of other people too:

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Look, Jordan Howard is a solid running back.  In an appropriate system, he can absolutely thrive.  He’s averaged about 1,125 yards and 8 TDs in his 3 year career, but it was completely evident that he wasn’t a fit in Nagy’s system.  That’s fine.  He’ll probably flourish over in Philly.

So I’m not too sure what people are freaking out about?  There’s obviously gotta be an emotional attachment and I’m sure Jackson and Howard are friends, but The Bears can snag some running back from like Miami of OH, Utah or some shit in the 4th or 5th round this year that will fit the Nagy mold much better.

I can all but guarantee this:  Pace and Nagy will zero in on running backs that fit their system, will draft one of them, and that back will be more productive in their system than Jordan Howard would have been, assuming health.

Who that back is?  No clue.  Maybe someone like Dex Williams from ND or Bryce Love from Stanford.  Whether or not those are good examples doesn’t matter, but the fact is that there are a million other RBs out there, Howard just didn’t work for Nagy or Pace, and they had zero trade leverage with teams knowing Howard wasn’t getting extended and that he’s only got 1 year left on his rookie deal.  We have no reason not to trust them in their player assessment at this point.  And because of that, I’d guess we’ll forget Jordan Howard exists just a few games into the rookie campaign of whatever rookie running back that is toting the rock for them.

Life goes on.  This is better for both the team and the player.  Nevertheless, Howard was a good running back for the Chicago Bears. Prototypical downhill, smash mouth bruiser who probably would have thrived for a long time in Chicago under any other regime.