Kentucky Police Warns People On State Street To Bring Furniture Inside So Students Can't Burn It After Games

[WKYT] -  Hide your furniture if you live on State Street in Lexington.

This is the message University of Kentucky police are telling people in the area in case the Kentucky Wildcats make it to the Final Four Saturday.

In the past, students have rushed to State Street following big wins to celebrate, and some have burned couches and destroyed cars.

Alright, I feel inclined to talk about this for a couple reasons. First, I’m a Kentucky grad and Kentucky fan. Unfortunately I wasn’t at the school during any good basketball years. Frankly, it’s bullshit I made my decision to go there 90% based on hoops and saw the last two years of Tubby and two years of Billy Gillispie.

Second, I was essentially a hero for helping in this situation before. In the video above the following happened:

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 9.08.32 AM

Dealership owner Stephen Montgomery says he learned of O’Hara’s plight from the Barstool Sports website.

Because I blogged about people losing their shit on State Street after beating Florida in football, a car was replaced. Again, people just mentioning the word hero, I’m just a regular blogger.

So let me say this again. Don’t burn shit on State Street. It’s so fucking stupid. Just go to Two Keys. Go to Tin Roof. Go to Fishtank if it was still around. Just get hammered and celebrate Kentucky hoops. You get to see great times there. Remember people like me who didn’t get to see success.

Just don’t be an asshole. It’s a pretty good theory to live.