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The Patriots Video Tribute To Gronk Will Give You "All The Feels"

I put “all the feels” in quotation marks because those were clearly not my words, as they’re visible in the tweet and I hate that phrase. I don’t feel all the feels right now, I just feel sadness. I’m sad. I miss Gronk. I didn’t realize how much I was gonna miss Gronk until all these RIP videos started coming out but I miss the hell out of the big, scary goofball. It’s not even a time of year when I’d typically miss him, but knowing he won’t be back at OTAs means I’ve already started missing him. From the locker room, to the field, to the community, there’s not gonna be another one like him. It’s not fair.

Luckily it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later. And by see you later I mean see you around week 14, probably.