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The Browns Just Made Another HUGE Offseason Move

THANK GOD. Only one more year of this bullshit. Move over OBJ…this may be the best Browns announcement of the off-season. Because these “new age” uniforms the Browns unveiled in 2015 are garbage. Do you remember when the Browns had their big jersey reveal on live TV?


27 uniform combinations! That may have been the most embarrassing moment in franchise history. And folks, we’ve had A LOT of embarrassing moments. But I think the worst team in professional sports sending their star* players to the Convention Center for a live fashion show to announce that we have changed our logo to a different shade of orange may take the cake…


What a terrible idea. But it appears the Browns are ready to right their wrong with what Dee Haslam is calling “nothing fancy”. I like it. Let’s get back to the basics.

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Let’s dress like we did in 2008. Let’s just not play like we did. But if we’re bringing these jerseys back, can we bring back Phil Dawson and Joe Thomas in them? Those two may be the only two players worth a damn in the last 20 years to suit up in Cleveland. Let’s get the band back together for our Super Bowl run. In the classic unis. But I wouldn’t mind the color rush from time to time  (or all the time) either…


Genius move by the Haslams by the way to sell a shit ton of Baker and OBJ jerseys this year….only to double dip next year in the new threads.