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Breaking: You Can Now Challenge Pass Interference in the NFL

Throw the damn challenge flag then Saints fans!! You belong in the Super Bowl! Oh wait, it’s too late? Then here’s your box of tissues.

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This doesn’t fix what happened in the NFC Championship, and I don’t like this move by the NFL going forward. How can you challenge judgement calls? It’s reactionary to one overblown no-call that happens 20 times on any given Sunday. It just sucked that it happened in the biggest moment on the biggest stage. But more replay is NOT the answer.

Missed interference happens in every single game. There is contact on damn near every pass. What’s next? Challenging holding? Thankfully they are not changing the number of challenges per coach, or these games would take 8 hours to play. I guess there is now a certain strategy that comes with this though. Do you use your challenge in the first quarter on a 3rd and 8 when your receiver gets bumped? Or do you save one for the final drive?

I can’t wait til a Hail Mary gets challenged and reversed. Ball on the 1 yard line because there was contact! Maybe I’m wrong here, but I think that refs are going to be correcting way too many of these challenges. They HAVE to reverse calls if there’s contact, and there’s going to be contact. It’s the NFL! I hope you’re happy, Sean Payton!

Uhhhh, ya think? I can’t wait til the Saints get screwed on this new rule. The Saints died for this!!! Be careful what you wish for though.