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Some Math Guy At The Athletic Says The Blackhawks Have An 8% Chance Of Making The Playoffs...Let's Ride

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I know, I know, I know….many of you are sick of this. You’re tired of the waffling back and forth. Back or not back. In or out. Up or down. If you’re tired of it, just imagine how I feel. I am the one who has to think it, feel it, write it, every single day. You think I like the emotional stress that has come with the month of March? Absolutely fucking not. It’s been a nightmare. But you know what…a tiger can’t change it’s stripes. I can’t change who I am. I am emotional and I am an optimist by nature and you know what…I have too many good memories of Toews, Kane, Keith, and Crawford seared into my brain. You tell me there’s a path and I am eventually going to get on board. I might jump ship for a bit, but by the next game I’m climb back up to the Crow’s nest to look through the storm for a port and a path to the playoffs. You’re only guaranteed 82 hockey games of your team a year. That’s it. That is so short. I am not going to waste them by being a miserable little bitch. It’s more fun to hope, pray, watch, cheer, and long for something at the end of the tunnel. If that is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. If the Blackhawks are the Titanic I am not exactly the violinists playing as the ship submerges into the cold North Atlantic Ocean. I am trying to live as it goes down. I am Jack and Rose at the end of Titanic

Staying on until the last possible second and trying desperately not to get sucked down. Even though White Star Line is run by a moron and the skipper has been seemingly aiming for icebergs the past several years, this is still my ship for better or for worse and I am going to stay on it as long as possible because that is what being a fan is all about.

So what is the path? The Athletic broke down every team’s schedule, rest, and gave a projection that turned into charts and graphs. It’s worth checking out. Here is what it really says though…

Just fucking win. Winning is the only way. This team’s schedule, that many home games, back to backs…enough. It doesn’t matter. Just take care of business for another 12 days. Dig deep one last time…7 different times. I am done waffling. I am done abandoning ship. I will be with the Hawks until the bitter end because that is how I am wired and you know what…it’s not impossible. Kane, Debrincat, and the PP have gone a little cold. How long can that last? Last game it was Jonathan Toews setting the tone and being a difference maker every shift. Tonight it’ll be Kane. I believe it. I feel it. I am ready.