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Second City Released a Tape of Chris Farley as "Matt Foley, Motivational Speaker" From 3 Years Before He Did The Character on SNL

Every once in a while I’ll watch old concerts from bands when they are playing in front of 12 people in a garage. This is as close as we are going to get to that. Also worth noting Bob Odenkirk and Tim Meadows are there too, but it’s Farley stealing the show, as he did in every single thing he ever did. I think sometimes people don’t always remember just how funny he was because his life was cut so, so short. He died 16 years ago. A lot of people reading this were still guzzling milk out of their mom’s titty at that point. I implore you to watch as much of him as you can. Kinda makes you just be like shit, how was he so much better than everyone else? It’s like watching Gretzky in his prime. Just a step ahead, the clear cut most talented person in any room. Nuts to think about what he could have been. Tommy Boy is funny 11/10 times. He kills it. He kills every role ever. Farley was the best.