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People In Argentina Duped Into Buying Rodents Jacked Up On Steroids Thinking They Were Puppies

Daily Mail - Gullible bargain hunters at Argentina’s largest bazaar are forking out hundreds of dollars for what they think are gorgeous toy poodles, only to discover that their cute pooch is in fact a ferret pumped up on steroids.  One retired man from Catamarca, duped by the knock-down price for a pedigree dog, became suspicious he had bought what Argentinians call a ‘Brazilian rat’ and when he returned home took the ‘dogs’ to a vet for their vaccinations. Imagine his surprise when his suspicious were confirmed – he had in fact purchased two ferrets that had been given steroids at birth to increase their size and then had some extra grooming to make their coats resemble a fluffy toy poodle. Previously considered an urban legend of the giant La Salada market, local television news in the capital, Buenos Aires, discovered that the unidentified man was not alone – another woman had been told that she was buying a Chiuhuahua, but ended up with a ferret. A stark contrast to the sprawling wealth of some parts of Buenos Aires, La Salada is a collection of small and informal workers, distributors and entrepreneurs – some lucky enough to sell ferrets as dogs for $150

Look folks what do you expect when you pay 150 bucks for a dog in a fucking Argentinian flea market? When you buy a bootleg DVD from the old Asian lady who walks into the bar with a shopping cart full of movies, do you expect it to be top notch quality? Are you expecting Blue Ray clarity and THX surround sound? No. You expect a shaky camera filming the screen with shitty sound and dark lighting and what not. Well if I bought a $1,000 dog for $150 in a South American bazaar, I wouldn’t be too surprised when it turned out to be a juiced up ferret. Some type of  HGH Arod rat or something. Buyer Beware, you know?

Quite the racket from the seller though huh? Breeding a superrace of ferrets. I’m sure selling glorified rats for $150 a pop is a pretty nice scam but I’d imagine there’s gotta be something better you could do with this army of super-ferrets, no? I guarantee theres some sort of ferret-fighting ring in South America that you could absolutely dominate with ferrets on roids. Make way more than $150 and you get all the glory of being the most ruthless fighting-ferret owner of all time. If there isn’t a ferret fighting ring this guy would be wise to start one.