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Plane Makes Emergency Landing At California Airport...No Worries, Keanu Reeves Helps Everyone With Their Travel Arrangements

NY POSTKeanu Reeves took his fellow passengers on an excellent adventure — in a van, not a bus this time — after their flight was forced to make an emergency landing.

The 54-year-old actor was aboard a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Burbank when it had to divert to Bakersfield because of a mechanical issue, Yahoo News reported.

Passengers shed aside their annoyances and pulled out their cell phones to record the “John Wick” star helping out with their travel arrangements and shooting the breeze.

Well this is an interesting promo for John Wick 3.  Just have Keanu ride small planes from San Fran to Burbank back and forth, back and forth until one has a mechanical failure (got to be like, 1 out of every 10 flights at least) and make 50-100 new fans for life.  Genius.

Although knowing Keanu, I guess it’s pretty believable that he would just honestly enjoy helping random people re-think their travel arrangements due to delays and obstacles.  Probably had Hotwire and Trivago (great job by that suave, handsome pitchman for making that name stick in my head so much it was the 2nd one I thought of) up on his phone personally checking rates for later arrival times.

And this bus ride…well, this is just pure 100% unadulterated Keanu Reeves.

Ultimately, Reeves boarded a van – unlike his bus adventure with Sandra Bullock in “Speed” – where he jokingly read aloud facts about Bakersfield, including that “the population is around 380,000.”

He then played some country music native to the city — “Bakersfield sounds” from the 1950s – and joined his new friends for a mid-ride snack at a Carl’s Jr. fast-food joint.

“There no dramatic goodbyes,” Rea reported after their 100-mile trip was over, “though there was a brief laughable pause where we didn’t know how it should end.

“So we simply shook hands and [said] a ‘good meeting + ride with you.’ Then we went separate ways,” he said. “And sometimes, that’s how life is.”

Carl’s Jr on a bus with Keanu Reeves reading you facts about the town you’re in – talk about a party story that will last a lifetime.