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Mickstape Does a Cinema: Between The Lines

Cereal. Music. Talking for really long amounts of time. We’ve taken on a lot of important issues, it’s true. And now we dip our toes into the documentary waters. By making one? No. Writing one? Don’t be silly. By watching and supporting one for a great cause? You better believe it.

One of the recurring themes in speaking with the legends at this year’s All-Star weekend was just how much basketball has done for them. The money and shoe deals, you know about. The part where Dikembe Mutombo builds a much-needed hospital in his home country or where Nancy Liebermann opens 100+ courts nationwide for kids to have a healthy outlet, you may not know about. Our CPF’s over at “Between The Lines” are doing more amazing work you may not know about. That ends today.

Tory and Darren founded “Between The Lines” as a prison basketball program designed to aid in the rehabilitation of incarcerated individuals. 9/10 of those currently incarcerated will be released at some point in their life, and Tory/Darren are using the tenets of basketball (discipline, focus, accountability, trust, etc) to help break the cycle of recidivism. I won’t step on their entire program but they launched a video with more deets (that’s what we call details in the movie business) today and hopefully, you’ll check it out.

I, for one, would hate it if we had Tory/Darren on the show in the upcoming weeks to talk about this in further detail. I think it would be a REAL shame.