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Dad Turns Into Jason Bourne And Saves His Kids From Guaranteed Death

That clip has gone uber viral over the last day or so and I still don’t think enough people are talking about it. It’s one of the most incredible videos ever to surface onto the internet. 9,999,999 times out of 10,000,000 those kids get their legs cut out from under them and they probably get seriously injured. Even as I watched it the first time I was like, “This is gonna end HORRIBLY. There’s simply not enough time!” But nope, the dad literally slowed down time in order to save his kids from death by sled. Give him all the medals. I honestly wouldn’t be shocked to find out after the fact that the guy is a Navy SEAL or something.

Remember the video game Max Payne from about 100 years ago? Well if you don’t, one of the skills Max Payne had was he was able to slow down time and pull off a bunch of crazy moves in slow motion and that’s precisely what the dad did on that snowy hill. He slowed down time and did something that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.