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Lakers Fan Wins $45K By Nailing A Half Court Shot Proving He'd Be The Best Shooter On The Current Lakers

For a team that can’t find outside shooting to save its life, maybe Magic Johnson should have been looking in the crowd for answers. I say that not jsut because of this one dude being absolutely money from half court, but because this is not the first time this has happened this season. Way back in October they also had a fan come up and win $30K by stepping up and pulling off his best Steph Curry impersonation

I find it hilarious that LA is loaded with outside shooters and yet Magic brought in Mike Muscala.

But let’s talk about this dude’s attempt from last night. That is one of the purest makes I’ve ever seen. I mean the net barely moved, and given his subdued reaction this guy had to have known it was money the whole way. If I just made a prayer for $45K I imagine I would have showed a little more excitement. That’s a lot of gelt for a guy like me, so I’m not sure what’s more impressive. The shot or the fact that this guy acted like he was just messing around at his local Y.

Either way you know the thought crossed Magic’s mind that maybe he should hold open tryouts or something this summer once they strike out on every single big name free agent. Everyone always says you have to surround LeBron with shooters, and maybe that means less Rajon Rondo’s and Reggie Bullocks and more random dudes from the crowd that apparently have Curry/Trae Young/Jeremy Lamb range.