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Drunk Girl Pukes On Stage At Dierks Bentley Concert During The Song "Drunk On A Plane"



Oh my god Becky, this is your big shot! Dierks invited you up on to the stage, you got this girlfriend!!!!




And that right there is the problem with creating a song called “drunk on a plane” and constantly singing about getting hammered. Yeah it sells records, yeah it will make you a megastar. But what it will also do is get you a bunch of chicks in the parking lot taking too many fireball shots, singing along to your songs, talking about how they can drink any guy under the table only to be puking by song 3 because no they can not hang and no they can not drink for 6 hours straight. Everyone knows the concert chick I’m talking about. Cowboy boots, short jean shorts, usually recently single looking to get loose, probably hasn’t eaten a thing all day long and keeps yelling “lets do some shots” in everyone’s face, and almost always ends up puking and crying before the concert even starts. And I’m not saying there isn’t a bro counterpart to drunk chick, it’s just the bro never gets invited up on stage. So you did this to yourself Dierks, not that you care, but you 100% did this to yourself.





Is there anything worse than knowing you’re going to puke and doing everything in your body to try and stop yourself? You can tell that she knew it was over a solid 5 seconds before it actually happened. Just swallowing air and trying to stay calm. Point of no return.