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Cheering Against Wofford Was Not Fun. Beating Wofford (& Covering) Is A Ton Of Fun

Listen, you should know by now that I’m a Kentucky fan. I don’t hide that. I was terrified of Wofford without PJ Washington. I was absolutely terrified. In fact I woke up like this today:

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 5.13.32 PM

But then Tyler Herro defended his goddamn ass off on Fletcher Magee. Magee is the best 3pt shooter in the history of college basketball. That’s not a lie. Numbers say so. He didn’t make one today. That’s because Herro chased him around all game. When he wasn’t Baker/Hagans chased him around. They were smart on their switches and I can really only count about 2 times they messed up how to switch that ball screen.

This game was all about Baker off the bench too. The guy came in and played the best game of his Kentucky career. The three he hit in the second half completely changed Kentucky’s offense. It settled them down at a time that they needed to. He was absolutely unbelievable.

Then there was Reid Travis. I talk about not being a Reid Travis fan. This was a game that I’m proud to be wrong. He was massive for 28 minutes where he just demanded the ball in the post after a soft start. He used his jump hook to his advantage.

This also proves that Wofford belongs. They are a damn good team. However.

Good teams win. Great teams cover.