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Good News For Ray Rice As Superstar Domestic Abuser Floyd Mayweather Announces He's In His Corner


LAS VEGAS — Floyd Mayweather Jr. says he believes the NFL should have stuck with its original discipline of Ray Rice, saying the league was overly influenced by new video showing Rice knocking out his then-fiancee in an Atlantic City, New Jersey, casino elevator. The boxing superstar — who has had his own domestic abuse issues — said Tuesday that he didn’t think the original two-game suspension should be changed because of the video. Mayweather, who spent two months in a Las Vegas jail in 2012, still maintains his innocence even after pleading guilty to reduced domestic abuse charges stemming from an attack on his former girlfriend while their children watched. Had Mayweather not taken the plea bargain, he would have gone to trial on felony charges that could have gotten him up to 34 years in prison. Mayweather also was named in a civil lawsuit last week by his former fiancee, who said the fighter assaulted her and kept her from leaving his Las Vegas mansion. In addition, Shantel Jackson said the boxer publicly humiliated her by posting online a sonogram showing her pregnant with twins and then claiming she aborted them.

Wife beaters unite! If Rice is lucky maybe Chris Brown and Rae Carruth can voice their support, too. This endorsement is key. Money Mayweather is first ballot, HOF power female hitter who has the consistency to bat third in the wife beating lineup. A scumbag not seen since the angry factory worker in the ’50’s who for some reason was allowed to go apeshit whenever his coffee wasn’t up to code. But so much for Ray Ray being able to keep his head down and mouth shut in hopes this blows over ASAP. Anytime this asshole opens his mouth it does way more harm than good. Rice can’t even send him a text to Money to shut his mouth unless someone is around to read it for him.

Also, there’s cold, and then there’s “posting online a sonogram showing (his ex-girlfrind) pregnant with twins and then claiming she aborted them” levels of freezing. Good Lord. This man deserves to finally get knocked the fuck out before he spends his time in hell.



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