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Some Wild And Crazy Gambler Won Exactly $1 At A Casino Yesterday Thanks To Duke

Well, I guess it just goes to show you people will do anything for a buck these days. I really do want to hate this person. There’s a 100% chance this person did it just for the story, which I can’t hate on. Do anything once for a story. But on one of the busiest days in the books to waste time to bet $150 and win a $1. Gross.

The best part is NDSU actually hung around with Duke for the first half. It was just a four point game at halftime. But, then you know. Zion happened because Zion always happens and saves Duke.

My thing is why just stop at $150? Did he really just want to tell people he won a $1? Did he only have $150? Was he on a cold streak and you do anything at that point to see a winner – even if it’s taking Duke ML against a No. 16 seed. I mean I debated it when this tweet came across my screen yesterday:

Luckily I gave him Irvine, Buffalo and unfortunately Ole Miss. I actually debated just saying a ML parlay with Virginia/UNC/Duke. That can’t go wrong. Needed to see a winner. I’m betting $1 that’s what this guy did. Needed to see a winner.