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The First Episode Of Game Of Thrones Season 8 Has Apparently ALREADY Leaked

Blogger’s Note: First and foremost, this poster is INCREDIBLE

Daily Mail- With just over three weeks left until the final season of Game of Thrones premieres, details about the Season 8 premiere have already leaked, and fans are not happy. A Redditor/YouTuber dubbed TheRealFrikiDoctor posted a lengthy video that reveals, in great detail, the entire Season 8 premiere episode, but the video was promptly removed from YouTube. While the video was removed, several of the details have already started to leak out onto Twitter, and fans are not pleased.

Welp, that was fucking quick. Is HBO even trying to stop leaks for the biggest event in TV in God knows how long? I can’t understand why HBO couldn’t put those 6 episodes in the same place as the nuclear codes until they had to be uploaded onto HBO’s server every Sunday night (or however TV works) is beyond me. The fate of Jon Snow, Khaleesi, and The Night King are more important than JFK’s assassination and the truth about aliens right now. We have been waiting for Thrones so long, I forgot just how terrifying it was once whispers of leaks and spoilers started infiltrating the internet. But since the internet is dark and full of assholes, we already have 1/6th of the final season lingering out in the open like a fart in church.

I remember the loot train episode leaked last season that I ended up watching at 4 AM despite it having the same quality as an early Barstool video. Not because I wanted to see it before anybody else, but because I was petrified people would spoil the episode for me before I could see it on TV. I’m not saying doing that is rational or remotely sane. But I don’t think many of us are rational or sane when it comes to watching Thrones. Which is why if you spoil that shit for people, you deserve to contract grayscale, get ripped in half by The Mountain and then become a Duraflame log for Melissandre’s latest bonfire. If anybody practicing voodoo is reading the blog, please put a curse on anybody that leaks the next 6 episodes.

Here’s to 2 final months of trying to avoid spoilers and leaks despite having a crippling addiction to social media, everyone!